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Trademark registration in Finland, trademark search in Finland: national trademark registration, international trademark registration

A trademark in this country may be registered through one of the 3 available systems of trademark registration:

1. National trademarks may be registered through the State Trademark Office.
2. Community trademarks may be registered through O.H.I.M. system.
3. International trademarks may be registered through W.I.P.O. system.

Trademark Registration in Finland: Requirements and Procedure

Trademark registration requirements in Finland:

- Power of attorney simply signed.
- Design of the trademark in JPEG format in case of a graphical trademark (not required for word mark).
- The detaliation of goods and/or services for witch the trademark will be registered or the classes in case they are known,
- Details of the trademark owner (name, address, registration number).
- Invoicing details (name, address, fiscal number, registration number).
- Information related to the previously filed by you trademarks, in order to benefit of the priority date, if it is the case.

Trademark registration procedure in Finland: 

The registration procedure lasts 12- 15 months from filing to registration. The opposition period is 2 months from publication in the Official Gazette. The protection lasts 10 years from the filing date. The international registration cannot be done under the Madrid Agreement but it can be made under Madrid Protocol.

Other trademark procedures in Finland:

Trademark renewal in Finland: The renewal application within 12 months before expiry. For the renewal we need the simply signed power of attorney.
Trademark changes in Finland: For changing the name or the address we need official document certifying change of name.
Trademark assignments in Finland: For the assignment we need the assignment document signed by the assignor, the power of attorney signed by the assignee. Trademark assignments in Finland may be done with or without Goodwill. Pending application and unregistered mark may be assigned.
Trademark searches in Finland: The search can be conducted by a computer on a private database. The time is 1-2 days, the search rapport includes information of prior marks hit by the search and comments on similarity between the subjects mark an each relevant prior mark. The necessity of using the search on prior marks should be judged by case.
Trademark use in Finland: A registered mark may be cancelled if it has not been used for consecutive 5 years.

You may download our Power of Attorney here. However, it would be advisable to send us the details related to your name and address so that we will fill the form for you, for your convenience.


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2. Translation services.
3. Valuation services and notoriety studies.

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