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trademark watch services trademark registration

Trademark Watch Services

1. We offer trademark watch services worldwide.

For WIPO and OHIM trademarks, we have a custom-made software, which does trademark monitoring automatically and the clients receive reports immediately when a similar trademark is published in is witin the perood of opposition.

In case that our client is a patent agency, patent attorney or lawyer, we offer significant discounts for trademark watch service.

2. To discourage illegal use of your trademark our clients have the right to use on their website and on their corporate documents our monitoring sign “Brand Watch" with link to a website, where the third parties may be informed about the limits of legal use of your trademarks and about the cosequences of illegal use.

trademark watch services

Check with us available FREE trademark search packages for websites owners.

3. We offer full legal support for protection of registered trademarks and of copyright. Illegal use of trademarks is prohibited by:

3.1 trademark laws of all the countries;
3.2 customs laws in most of the countries, with possibility to block the illegal imports;
3.3 anti-couterfeight laws;
3.4 unlawful competition laws.
4. The means of our legal support are:

4.1 legal letters;
4.2 trademark oppositions in most of the countries;
4.3 trademark cancellations in most of the countries;
4.4 intellectual property mediation;
4.5 intellectual property court cases to cancel the illegal use and counterfeit trademarks;
4.6 request of moral and material damages.