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Patents trademark registration

Our patent registration and patent protection services are:

We are a patent attorneys who offer patent registration, patent annuitiespayment, patent search, patent protectionservices worldwide. We offer services worldwide, as well as international patent (WIPO patent) services and European patent (EPO patent) services. 

Online and immediate estimation and order of the following patent services:


Other patent services which we offer are:

1. Patent search. Patent search has to be conducted by a patent attorney for a successful patent registration and future patent protection. We recommend that our patent attorneys will conduct a patent search for you, for a secure patent registration.

2. Patent registration. Secure your patent and obtain the patent protection by registration with specialized patent attorneys worldwide. We register patents around the world on national level. We also register European Patents with European Patent Office (EPO) and International Patents with WIPO according to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 

3. Obtaining patent registration certificate. Patent registration certificate proofs patent ownership.

4. Patent annuities payment. Patent annuities payment extend the patent protection in time. It has to be done in due time, before it expires. Our patent annuities services includes sending due payment alerts to our clients.

5. Patent litigation. Patent litigation is the patent protection handled by specialized patent attorneys, (a patent attorney is a patent attorney who is also a litigation attorney and is specialized in patent law), by means of legal letters, according to patent law and of patent litigation. Patent litigation usually reffers to cancellation of the registered patents, counterfeit, unlawful competition.

6. Market watch for patent infringement. This service is available on national level, worldwide, as well as for international patents and European patents.

7. Patent translation.

8. Patent valuation.

9. Patent laws.

10. Patent sell, buy & licence.


You may request our services related to patent registration and to patent protection by email