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Intellectual Property Services - Trademark Registration trademark registration

Patent Translation Services: 

1. Patent translation and translation of legal letters and documents;
2. Consulting in technical translation matters;
3. Supervizising of the translations done by other translators, in all the technical areas in which patents or other IP rights may be registered.

We offer Patent translation services in the following areas of our expertise:: Law, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Food Engineering, Materials Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Agricultural Engineering, Communications Engineering, Aviation Science, Architecture, Meteorology, Nuclear Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science; Medical Technology, Physiology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Genetics, Dental Technology, Dentistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Plant Biology, Food Science, Environmental Science, Ecology, Marine Science, Animal Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Interior Design and Fashion, Jewelry Design.

On a daily basis we deal with English, French, German, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

We are more than a translation company - we are consultants in technical translations, in different areas of inventions and patents. We have close cooperation with university professors in those specific areas that assist our translators in any specific problem that influences the nuances in a translation.

We translate patents that have to be filed for a national registration, as well as those that have to be filed with EPO or extended to a specific country.

The volume of our supported work is very big, in order to be able to file the patent in different countries.

Besides the technical accuracy of the translation, we understand the necessity of arranging the document into a special format, requested by different legislations.

Especially we understand the necessity of finalizing urgently and until the agreed deadlines or even in advance of the translations.

Another important issue for us is the confidentiality to which we oblige ourselves and on which is based the activity of the company.

Also, in comparison to other translation companies, which do not overtake difficult jobs or which invoice too much due to the difficulty of the translations, our company manages to keep a reasonable level of fees for such jobs.

The advantages of cooperation with us are:

1. Technical and linguistic accuracy, through the careful attention as well as through cooperation with specialists from the area of translation;

2. Confidentiality, through understanding of its necessity in this sensitive area, of registration of patents, in which novelty is a condition of registration of patents. All the employees of our company have strong confidentiality agreements;

3. Efficiency, through meeting the deadlines and even advancing the deadlines, if possible, offering quality services in short a time;

4. Costs, which we manage to keep attractive, due to our long term relationship with competent professionals from technical areas, including the consulting costs with such people in the total price, estimated from beginning to our beneficiary.

For a cost estimation for patent translation services, please mention the languages - from and into -which you need a patent translation and a wordcount of characters, with spaces, of your document.