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1.1 The Trademark Watch Service is a monthly search with a monthly trademark watch report, which covers both identical and similar newly published trademarks in the respective countries and appropriate classes, in order to file an opposition and defend the trademark in the easiest way, avoiding litigation in courts. The service is available for the international trademarks, european community trademarks as well as on national level, in the following countries: Benelux, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, New Zealand, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

1.2 The Market Watch service is especially recommended for the community trademarks, which are registered by O.H.I.M. without oposing the previous similar trademarks.

1.3 Trademark Search - Phonetical is conducted by phonetical criteria and is available for the international trademarks and for Euroepan trademarks, in automatical or filtered by the patent attorneys way, upon request.

Trademark search
helps to ensure that the use of your trademark will not infringe the rights of another party, and thus reduces the risk of any challenge or lawsuit from the owner of prior rights in a trademark or trade name.

This trademark search is especially adviced in European trademark registration, as OHIM will not oppose automaticaly similar trademarks and it is very possible that even after your trademark will be registered, you will have a litigation for cancelation of your trademark.

By conducting a trademark search, you will avoid in the long run expenditures where marks are not available, reduce the risks of being sued, and possibly be able to draft the application to avoid objections based on potential obstacles identified by the searches.


The trademarks that are not renewed before the expiry of 10 years, calculated from the request of registration date, loose their protection.

In order for you not to forget the expiry date, we advice you to use our free alert service - ''Basic'' offer.  If you do so, you will be reminded about expiry date by e-mail, 3 months in advance, on a weekly basis, in order to alow you to renew in due time your trademarks. By receiving such notification, you may renew yourself the trademarks or benefit of services of our IP attorneys, in any country of the world.

The software may be also used by IP attorneys, also by installing the software on their own server.

3. COMPANY SET -UP and OFFSHORE COMPANIES. Company formation in national jurisdictions, as well as off shores, in certain jurisdictions.

4. National IP services, in most countries of the world, such as: trademark watch, trademark renewals, trademark oppositions, trademark refusals, patent annuities payment, european patent validations, extention of international patents in the national phase, and patent translations, associated with them.

You may request any of these services by email