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Notoriety certification is done, according to market studies.

It may come or not together with trademark valuation, as the procedure implies that most of the documents that the client has to provide are similar.

Importance of this service is mainly for the owners of notorious (well known) trademarks, as a notoriety study done for the moment of the opponent's trademark filing day will help you cancel the other trademark, as a prior, notorious trademark opposes, even if it was not properly filed or expired.  

For those who wouldn't like to be on the other side, by registering a similar with the notorious one trademark, in a country even without knowing it, we offer notoriety search service. This will help you avoid in future legal issues and will limit the risks of cancellation of your trademark.

Notoriety Search

This makes this service very useful, as you may not know in which country which trademark is notorious and may, without even knowing it, commit an infringement that is punished by law as counterfeit!

As we have global presence, we may help you avoid different problems in future, through finding the SIMILAR or IDENTICAL NOTORIOUS trademarks in that specific country.

This will help you save different costs of registration, publicity costs, and litigation expenses.

You may also contribute to completion of our database of notorious trademarks by sending an email so that other companies will not register similar trademark with yours. The email should be accompanied by clear evidences of notoriety.