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Intellectual property litigation trademark registration

Trademark litigation, patent litigation, copyright litigation, domain name disputes - intellectual property litigation worldwide

If you need a patent attorney who is also a litigation attorney - we will gladly represent you in the country of your interest. Our patent attorneys offer litigation, consulting services, draft legal letters, seek for patent infringement damages, negociate a litigation settlement, assure active patent and trademark protection and represent you in defense litigation, if needed.

Our Intellectual Property Litigation services cover the following areas:

1. Trademark litigation. Trademark protection needs the experience of a specialized patent attorney who is also a litigation attorney and usually refers to trademark opposition in trademark registration procedure or to litigation in trademark infringement. Litigation usually refers to trademark opposition and cancellation in court, to trademark infringement, unlawful competition, counterfeit, request of repair of material and moral damages.

2. Industrial design litigation. Industrial design litigation is the design protection by specialized design attorneys, (a design attorney is a patent attorney who is also a litigation attorney, and is specialized in industrial design law), by means of legal letters, according to industrial design law and of design litigation court cases.

3. Patent litigation. Patent litigation is conducted usually by a patent attorney who is also a litigation lawyer. Patent protection is done by drafting and sending legal letters and by obtaining damage restoration in patent litigation court cases, related usually to defending patent rights, cancellation of patents, patent infringement court cases and unlawful competition.
4. Copyright litigation. Copyright litigation is conducted by means of drafting a legal letter and/or a claim for damages, in order to protect copyright in copyright infringement litigation

5. Domain name dispute resolution. Domain infringement litigation (also known as uniform domain name dispute resolution, domain name dispute, domain name infringement, ICANN dispute) is handled by patent attorneys, specialized in domain infringement litigation and consist of legal letters, cancellation of domain names and defense litigation, usually in domain names vs. trademarks and/or copyright.

You may request litigation or legal services by e-mail